Can you afford a peaceful Healthy wealthy Retiment?

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My question is for the youths who have just started their career.


Can you think of a retirement ?

Can you imagine a Peaceful Healthy Wealthy Retirement?

Is it really a relevant question I have asked ? some of you might think that right?

Answer following and check your self whether you will be able to have Peaceful Healthy Wealthy Retirement.

Question 1. What age do you want to retire?

Question 2. What is History of Family mortality? How old are your grand parents?

Question 3. Do you know what will be your expense in first month of your retirement?

Question 4. Do you know the how much amount you will require for the retirement?

Question 5. Would like to maintain same life style when you retire?

Question 6. Do you have any plan what you want to do when you retire? any dreams? go on world tour,                          live with son or daughter, take care of grand kids ? or want to do social work? etc.

Question 7.  Have you already started investing for retirement?

Question 8. How much have you already saved and invested?

Question 9. Do you think your investment so far will reach your required corpus?

Question 10. Are you taking any help or advise of Life planner or financial Planner for your retirement                            Planning?





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