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Charles Dickens  Famous English writer of  books like Oliver Twist, Great Expectation, David Copperfield and many more books. Quotes from his book David Copperfield “My advice is, never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him!”

It is so true we keep delaying things for tomorrow and tomorrow never comes, It specially applies to our Financial decisions like investments. When It comes to spending money for our wants we never think twice but when it comes to Investments for the future we keep procrastinating it till it becomes NEED and then we end up taking personal loan or debt from some friend or relative. We always have that opportunity to save  for rainy day like ants save for themselves, small amount which does not pinch our pockets and we  do not need to alter the life style.

SIP is the word which one should get well connected and well verse with. SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN (SIP) by which you can save small amount for each and every financial goals and It starts paying immediately.

But then argument will be ” My expenses are as such that at the end of the month My bank accounts becomes almost empty.


Answer is simple   Like other things we get or buy which has Instruction as how to use it?

Money does not come with an instruction on it How to spent it, where to spend it and when to spend it.

It is we who  must learn the skill of managing money or spending it in right way on right thing.

Like we learn to drive or play an instrument.same way we must learn most important skill of life, Managing Money.

While growing up some of us are fortunate enough to observe and learn this skill from our elders   and some are unfortunate who at the end of the day feels miserable ,guilt, frustrated , angry and disappointed for not spending or managing money right way and we envy those who knows exactly what money is and their relationship with money is very strong and Perfect.


Before you read any further, take a quick look at your current  money management skill    level.Answer the following questions truthfully, based on what  you do today. You do not  need to share your answers with  anyone – they are merely to help you identify how you  may want to improve your own money management skills.





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