Health Insurance


Why Health Insurance

Urbanization Modern amenities,Life style changes have brings different kinds of ailments, drastic increase in cases of diabetes, cancer, heart ailments, organ failures etc, has increased the concern about the expenses on treatments. 40% of the people who are hospitalized borrow money or sell assets to cover the medical expenses. 16% of Indians are pushed into poverty by rising health care costs.

  • India is the Diabetic and Cardiac Capital of the world . (crore diabetics in India by 2025
  • In Urban areas, 32.8% of the deaths occur because of Heath ailments and 9% due to malign tumors.
  • 30 % of the people who suffer from Heart attack are affected before the age 40.
  • Over 8 lac people die of cancer every year in India and 7 lac new cases are diagnosed in India every year.
  • Every 2.5 Mins a person dies of Kidney diseases in India.
source: WHO, CII health care sector, India today article April 2010

How much Health Insurance

Go to the link below  and find out your risk probability of diseases. Note it down and enter your disease Risk probability in the following form then calculate your requirement for health insurance.